New sign graces Hull Valley


Citizen staff writer

       Over 120 members of the A.C. and Ella Hull family donated funds towards a new sign designating the top of Cub River as Hull Valley Boy Scout Reservation, which includes Aspen Ridge Camp. The sign was placed at the entrance of the Scout reservation last summer during the Hull Family reunion. It is held every three years at the family cabin located on the reservation.

       The sign was made from poles logged by Steve Hull, then carved by Cordell Hull in his brother Bobby’s shop with help from Ray Waddoups of Franklin. Cordell also serves as chairman of the Scout camp committee. Hansen Glass & Paint provided stain for the sign and Utah Power and Light raised it into position.

       “The Hull family should be thanked for its donation and installation. Cordell Hull deserves special credit for the fantastic workmanship and effort to make it a reality. He had mentioned the idea in the spring, and I didn’t hear any more about it until I drove down the canyon one day and found a work crew with heavy machinery installing it. It is absolutely beautiful,” said Cameron Ruesch, camp director for Aspen Ridge.


       Members of the A.C. Hull family include Alvin Hull Jr. (deceased), Harold (Tom) Hull of Whitney, Dean Hull (deceased), Robert M. Hull, Lorna Hull McPherson (deceased) and Russell M. Hull (deceased), Keith Hull (deceased), and Ella Hull Farnsworth of Scottsdale, Ariz., and their children and grandchildren.

       The Hull Valley Boy Scout Reservation is part of the Trapper Trails Council, headquartered in Ogden, Utah. The first camp developed there was the Aspen Ridge Camp, noted nationally for its horse program. Jerry Murdock manages the program and provides Scouts and young women access to over 35 horses during the summer months.

       In addition to Aspen Ridge, Hull Valley is capable of incorporating at least one more camp in the future if warranted by the Trapper Trails Council.

       “Of the more than 600 acres, Camp Aspen Ridge uses less than half. The rest is used for pasture for the horses we use in our program. Future plans include the construction of another camp on the south of Carter Creek as well as a new, larger lake. The camp will probably be used as a base for high adventure activities in the neighboring areas as well as other activities. The timetable for its development will depend upon demand and the availability of resources,” said Ruesch.

       Reese Gregory, past director of the camp, said the project is long overdue. “Hull Valley’s always been there without a lot of identification and [the sign’s design] goes along with the western theme we have at the camp,” he said.

       “We are absolutely thrilled


about the new gateway. It is a stunning welcome to the Hull Valley Scout Reservation and Camp Aspen Ridge,” said Ruesch.

       He said a lot of work went into the reservation last year, and he looks forward to improvements scheduled for this year.

       “The Friends of NRA from Idaho and Utah recently awarded us grants totaling more than $10,000 to make needed improvements to the rifle range including the construction of a new pavilion, a latrine at the range and a steel fence enclosing the range for safety,” he said.

       The Council is actively seeking funding and materials to replace most of the latrines in camp.

       “We are especially in need of skilled labor for the many construction projects that will be undertaken this year. Our camp committee has done an amazing job at getting big things done with scarce resources, and we thank them,” he said.

       Ruesch said the council appreciates the support residents of Franklin County have given to the Scout camp.

       “We appreciate your help in making Aspen Ridge a wonderful destination for Scouts from all over the west. In 2004 camp attendance reached an all-time high with more than 3,000 youth and leaders attending camp including 828 LDS young women and their leaders. We look forward to many more record breaking years in the future,” he said.

       Persons interested in being involved in the upcoming projects should contact Cordell Hull at 852-9296, said Ruesch.